2016 Recipient Nathan Maestas wrote:

I would like to thank you for the great opportunity you have given me by awarding me this scholarship. It will not only come to great use with my tuition but it will also help towards tools which will be useful for the rest of my life as I pursue the automotive field.

Personally I am working on a 1966 Studebaker. In the last couple of weeks I have replaced the gaskets within the motor and had the transmission rebuilt. I’m hoping to be satisfied with the mechanical status of the car by the 19th of February. I have some schooling in upholstery and have plans to finish the up by the end of March and the body to be finished by the middle of April. Last semester I rebuilt a 259 Studebaker V8 while in school and learned a lot from it.

This scholarship has motivated me to be more active in my education and passion in automotive. I can’t thank you enough.

Nathan J. Donkle Maestas

2016 Recipient George Reid wrote:

Thanks for choosing me as the recipient for the $1,500 scholarship. This money will help me pursue my studies toward my Automotive Restoration dream and will allow me to continue my skills training in and out of the classroom. I really appreciate Chester Bradfield's support and how he believes in me and my future plans. It means a lot to me that the Studebaker Club cares enough for a student like myself, in hopes of conquering my dream and the fact that they support me in my quest. This support will help relieve my family of financial pressures and will help keep my student loans down. I hope to make you proud that you chose me for the scholarship.

George M. Reid
Read George's complete bio HERE

2015 Recipient Aaron Hammer Wrote:

I would like to express my immense gratitude in being the recipient of the Studebaker Scholarship over the past four years and personally thank you and the board for selecting me as a recipient for the 2015 Scholarship. This scholarship had helped me greatly in my growth as a young individual in this modern society. The advantage of being able to work on my own personal Studebaker has only added to the experience in the pursuit of graduating next fall as a Mechanical Engineer from Valparaiso University. Again thank you for selecting me as the reciepient for this scholarship as Studebaker has been part of my life since I was born.

 I have attached a photo to be used on the website. The two Studebakers in the photo our my own personal 1963 Studebaker Lark Daytona whom my late grandfather who passed away early this year bought me and has been in the prior years photos. My grandfather's 1960 Studebaker Lark is the car on the left and has now been passed on to my brother Chris Hammer. Both cars are all original. 

Aaron Hammer

For complete requirements and details download the application: DownloadButton2

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