Donate a Vehicle or Parts

One of your Studebaker National Foundation's critical missions is to "preserve the past". Shouldn't every automotive and Transportation Museum across North America have at least one Studebaker vehicle?

Your SNF is working to increase Studebaker presence in these museums so that the visiting public, especially those who were born long after Studebakers were last built, will learn of our marque's legendary history and great vehicles.

Vehicles: The SNF accepts Studebaker vehicles by gift or Will for placement in museums that currently have no or limited Studebaker presence. For more on Will Donation click HERE

Parts: There are Studebakers at museums in need of parts to complete their restoration. If you have parts that you could donate, the SNF can coordinate those gifts where they will do the most good in preserving the Studebaker legacy.

The SNF will also work with the donors to establish the value of the donations for tax deduction purposes.

To discuss a possible vehicle or parts donation, please contact:

President:  Chris Collins, 2410 W. Freeway Lane, Phoenix, AZ  85021, email
Treasurer: Linda Derbidge, P.O. Box 151854, Ely, NV 89315, email

Friend Of The Foundation: With any type of donation you will become an "SNF Friend" with recognition by name on our "Friends" supporters web page. We will automatically add your name (but not your donation particulars) to the page unless you indicate otherwise.



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